On-line Collections
Ken Martins All Classical Cultures, The Twelve Caesars in Large AE, and Sun Gods
Tom Ross Portrait collection of Aurelian, Telesphoros and information about electrolysis
Bob Brinsfield Bob's collection of Constantinian BEATA TRAQVILITAS reverse types
Matt Sersch Matt's collection and reference site on the sestertii of Trajan, including pieces from other collections
Kevin Ingleston Kevin's collection of ancient coins
Harry Stewart Harry's extensive collection of Greek, Provincial, Roman, Byzantine and Celtic coins
Jan de Veen Jan's collection of Roman coins
Ancient Peddler Group Collection The collection of the members of the Ancient Peddler Yahoo discussion group
Rasiel Suarez Ras' collection, presented in that awesome grid format!
Jerry Coddington Jerry's collection of Gordian III and Provincial coins
Mark Lehman Mark Lehman's collection of ancient coins
Andrew Thall Andrew's collection of Roman coins
Keith Palmer Keith's collection of ancient coins
Scott Sexton Scott's collection of Roman Provincial coins from Vimanicium
ACE Gallery The Ancient Coins for Education gallery of ancient coins
Joe Mastrario Joe's collection of ancient coins
Ginger Hipszky Ginger's collection of ancient coins
Matt Richter Matt's collection of ancient coins
Bruce Nessett Bruce's collection of coins and medals
James Bonanno Jame's collection of Roman coins
Brian Brian's collection of Roman coins
Malcolm Megaw Malcolm's collection and presentation of the coins of Diadumenian
David Elliot David's collection of Byzantine bronze, Golden Horde and Giray Khan coins
Ben Brauchler Ben's collection of ancient coins
Timothy Cook Timothy Cook's collection of English coins
Kurt Ellenberger Kurt Ellenberger's collection of ancient coins

Other Useful Sites
Ancient Coins for Education (ACE) Learn how the Ancient Coins for Education Program is "helping to put ancient history into the hands of students everywhere!"
American Numismatic Association (ANA)  The largest association of coin collectors in the world.
The American Numismatic Society (ANS) The premier American society for collectors of Ancient, Medieval and Modern Coins. The ANS maintains the largest collection of numismatic material in the world.
University of Notre Dame Numismatic Site The University of Notre Dame, Department of Special Collections website featuring the coins of colonial and early America.
Princeton University Numismatic Collection The Princeton University, Department of Numismatics website.

Telford Collection of Ancient Coins