4 Conspiracy Theories That Came to Be True

Conspiracy theories are just fan theories on real life situations and events that became so prevalent and popular among masses that it gained enormous fame. Ranging from absurdly weird to spectacularly ludacris, there have been conspiracy theories for almost everything there is unknown to people. It is but natural for people to think about the unknown and to come up with renditions of their own explanations. 

There have been theories regarding medical marijuana as well, which have all amounted to nothing much. You can give delta 8 thc gummies a try and see how some conspiracy theories are just in fact theories. 

Some of these explanations can be so captivatingly convincing, that even the strongest of cynics bow down to ponder upon their possibilities. Starting off as a rumor to fill in the gaps between the unknown and the real story, conspiracy theories can travel afar and spread as rapidly as wildfire. Sometimes they even stray in a completely different direction from where it started off as. While others can even be true to the exact point of what was thought of as. We will be talking about the latter, theories that weren’t just theories but in fact the harsh truth.

So buckle yourself up for some shocking revelations as some of these conspiracy theories might be known to you too. 

Poison for Alcohol

The Theory : FBI Poisoned alcohol during the Prohibition

What Happened : The United States passed the 18th amendment, banning the production, import and sale of alcohol. This led to a stark increase in questionable bootleg liquor, with major health concerns linked to these alcohols. Questionable as this bootleg alcohol used industrial alcohol, like the one in paints and medical supplies to make and sell alcohol in the dark.

Seeing this, the government started making industrial alcohol with substances like kerosene, benzene, formaldehyde, chloroform and zinc to make the alcohol undrinkable and poisonous for those drinking it. 


The Theory : Asbestos is a major carcinogenic agent.

What Happened : As we all know, asbestos causes cancer and is whole heartedly opposed and not used anywhere in the public domain. But this was not the case leading up to the early sixties. It was considered a myth that was often put to the shelf by a lot of people because asbestos was very versatile in its use. 

Then there was a sudden rise in people being affected by it and it was seen that building areas where asbestos was used was where people contracted the illness. They started believing that construction companies were hiding the ill effects because of how cheap and useful the material was. The truth about the material and its harmful effects were finally revealed in 1962 after three long decades

Operation Paperclip 

The Theory : The average Joe had a Nazi hiding among them

What Happened : For the longest of times, the idea of Nazis living in America as regular citizens was nothing but an urban legend. Then came along ‘Operation Paperclip’ which brought about quite some revelations about how the myths and legends were indeed very true. 

After the Second World War, the United States Government asked the Office of Strategic Services to recruit German scientists to work for the States. It was clear that people involved with the Nazi party were not to be inolved in any manner, but that was not to be. It was discovered in the aforementioned Operation that the government had not paid heed to the details of many of these German individuals. Their work histories were falsified, just that they met the requirements of citizenship.

Mind Control by The Government

The Theory : The CIA was testing LSD and other psychedelics on people, in a top secret experiment. 

What Happened : The experiment was very real and was targeted towards behavior modification.the program was known as MK-ULTRA and the CIA were using many people who volunteered.. Ken Kesey, the famed novelist, was one of the many volunteers. 

It was an operation that was so well under wraps that it went on for about a decade and a half or more from the 50s through the 60s. But all of this started going south when they started dosing people without their knowledge. Finally it was Nixon’s government that found out about the program and called for its immediate shut down. This was horrendous and a gross negligence of human rights, leaving many people with permanent mental disability.

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