5 Bad Habits One Should Break

We all have a number of bad habits and flaws in us that we consciously or unconsciously perform, sometimes intentionally but most of the times unintentionally. While it may not bother you personally, these habits can certainly bother the person sitting next to you and it is thus very important to get rid of such habits.

We understand that a lot of you may already be struggling with this and it may not be as easy as it is for us to say that you need to get rid of a habit that has been a part of your life and routine for a considerable amount of time. So, to make it easy for yourself, we suggest either switching to a better alternative of the habit or be creative in stopping yourself from performing certain activities. 

Eating Junk

This is one bad habit that can be found in almost every individual on the planet earth. Eating junk has become more of a lifestyle now and it is so common that it isn’t even considered a ‘bad habit’ by the majority. But the truth is, eating junk is extremely unhealthy and your body getting used to this trend is because of your bad habits of choosing to eat out and junk rather than having a homemade, healthy meal. If you are thinking of throwing the ‘but it is tasty’ justification at us, let us remind you that this deliciousness can be really expensive for you to afford and we are not talking money here. Eating junk food can affect your brain, health, and alter your thought process. It can lead to severe disorders and conditions, and obesity is just one of them, which by the way is equally severe.

Healthy eating can be tasty too. Healthy does not mean just salads. There are a number of dishes that you eat out but can be cooked in a better, healthy way without altering the taste. You will just need to find the healthy alternatives of the ingredients and learn how to cook.


Smoking is bad, literally everyone knows that. Even the package comes with a warning that it is injurious to health. What other explanation do you need to stop smoking? We understand it is not easy to abruptly stop smoking and stick to that decision but you can choose better alternatives that are considered less harmful to begin with. Vaping is a good alternative. And instead of smoking tobacco and nicotine, one can switch to delta 8 which is almost as effective, if not better. But, the reality is delta 8 is actually way better than regular cigarettes and the delta 8 high can actually prove to be beneficial for your health. It is high time you do something about your smoking and there is no better advice than this.

Being With Wrong People

Okay this may not be considered a bad habit, but it actually is. Being with wrong people is a choice that you are making and it is affecting your life, career, work, health, and lifestyle. You don’t have to stick to these people who cannot appreciate you, always pull you down or force you to engage in stuff that your conscience doesn’t allow you to do. But if you still choose to be with them, you are to be blamed. There can be a number of reasons why you are stuck with such people but equal reasons and excuses to leave them. Choose your mental health and quality of life over such people. If you are thinking that you are not able to find better friends, let me remind you, you are better and can become your friend as well. You don’t have to always look out for support. Until you find someone better than these people, try spending time with yourself and trust me, that will be a lot better than spending time with people who aren’t even good for you. 

Being Negative

It is so easy to stay negative and honestly, it is important too, but not always. Considering both pros and cons of something is one thing but always being negative about everything is another and that is, my friend, extremely problematic. Not only are you causing mental instability and stress, you are actually attracting the negative in your life too. If you believe in the power of the universe and manifestation, you will know how your thoughts attract the reality for you and you being negative is only going to attract negativity. Change your thought process and consider looking at the positive aspects of everything. 

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