7 Things to Avoid When Your Furry is Anxious

It’s okay, peaches, it’s okay. Yes, I know if you have a cat, you would have repeated these words many times.Indeed, Cats are the ladies. They hate ignorance and waiting for something.

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And being a master, you better know the consequences of getting late. Undoubtedly, they’re the beings of habit and comfort.If you arrive late and your furry has been waiting for a long time, then be ready for the punishment. She is either going to burst on you like a notorious kid or won’t talk to you at all.

The situation seems like your feline is repeating the words of Malay, “Forceful mental alertness makes us anxious and restless.” So, Is your furry anxious of waiting only? Definitely, not. Their violent behaviour could be the result of many things. Maybe, it is the result of a change in routine or lifestyle or even their toys.In all the circumstances, the results could lead to an anxious cat. And to calm them, one can make the situation worse. Once you are aware of your cat’s stress, firstly calm down yourself. Then only think about moving forward. Indeed, there are things you need to avoid when your cat is not in the mood to talk. 

Don’t’ Rush Take it Easy

When your kids are stressed, what you do is hug them or kiss them. But, the case is different with cats. They are like infants but different. Felines are susceptible, and that’s why, maybe, we all love them.Where there is love, there is patience. Try to keep this treasure while calming down your cat. It is entirely accurate, “slow and steady you can win your cat.” Cat-parenting is a careful process. Give your cat time to calm down. This can build a foundation of understanding between you two.For instance, maybe your cat is upset because you have invited your friend and that too with his dog. Understood, it’s short-term stress, but your catty is not going to accept the change. And if she is not okay, let her relieve, first. Going too fast with anything is a common cat-parenting mistake. Surely, you don’t want to be on that typical list, so chill, and wait for your meow to smile again.

Don’t Set The Usual Environment

If you have noticed cats, then you are well aware that they love to sit high. When they are angry, believe it, definitely, “your queen deserves better.” And for that, you have to do something extraordinary to make her feel better. Instead of providing her with the routine set-up, offer her a cat-tree or elevated bed. Cats gain a lot of comfort and solace in high places. Moreover, don’t avoid the “cosy” rule. When your furry is uneasy, cover her carrier with a towel or blanket. This step will block all the extra stimuli to reach her. The only feeling of secureness can boost her mood quickly. 

All in all, give kittens a way out of a situation. Let them hide. They soon come out of the stress and play. The essence of the case is that when your kitty enjoys the comfy during the lousy mood, she soon comes to sit in your lap. My ‘Rebella’ (Exotic Shorthair) is one of the above kinds. After a bad day when I provide her with all the amenities, very soon I enjoy the returns. Rebella approaches me and then purr loudly to show me how much she loves me. “What greater gift than the love of a cat.” – Charles Dickens

Don’t Smother

Undeniably, your absence can make your pet buddy more anxious than before. Be there for your cat but don’t smother. If you have a loving home companion then being around her is a great idea to welcome peace. Additionally, felines take a lot of time to come out of an aroused state. When not easy, they demand less attention and more space. Providing them with the air can calm the whole situation smoothly. 

The reason behind avoiding petting or snuggling during off behaviour of cats is absolute. Space help the felines to decompress. Help them out in their way once, and you are not that far to receive their love. Rather than touching or pushing them, try to talk to them. It does wonders.

Don’t go For Loud Music

Cats are very sensitive to loud music and noise. On the contrary, soft light music can help them to relax. Admittedly, there are no proofs that music boost a cat’s positive behaviour. However, kittens have been observed, responding positively to white music. Luckily, The University of Wisconsin has created some cat-specific music to give your furry a sense of calm. So, if there are alternatives to loud music, why to trouble your cat. Give them a cosy carrier and spend time with them while enjoying their type of music. 

Don’t Stop Them to Spread Their Scent

Indeed, felines are tenacious about the things they love and like. To mark their favourite objects, they spread their scent by rubbing their face. But, only at the places, they admire to sit in. They do everything they can to comfort themselves. And stopping them is not the right option. Either it’ll make them more alert or more stressful. Undoubtedly, your concern is genuine. While putting their scents, their claws can harm your furniture and other decors. As a safety, Scratching posts are perfect for them. Place the scratchers around your home. And don’t forget to praise her when she uses scratcher. It will generate a good habit in them.  

By not prohibiting them from unrolling the scents, you can ease yourself as well. When changing your cat’s carrier, you can take along an item that bears their scent and belonging. This way, they remind themselves of the happy times. So, ideally, you make your cat opt the carrier peacefully, and she doesn’t even realize the change much.

Don’t Expose Them to Strong Fragrances

Nowadays, there are various cat soothing oils to help your cat relax. It is believed that natural lavender oil scent can help felines to say goodbye to the aggression. Nevertheless, keep in mind to store essential oils away from your kitty. Since direct exposure to strong scents can be disastrous to her health. 

Don’t Play With Her Essentials

For a disciplined creature like cats, order always works. When they don’t find their toys and essentials in similar positions, they feel bad. Yes, they feel curious. This curiosity then turns out to be anger and anxiety. So, the best option is that we don’t dare to play with their essentials. Follow the cat-centric manner. Provide them with all their necessities.

Conclusion- In a nutshell, by avoiding these habits, you can bring back calmness to your companion. All the above strategies will help but figuring out the actual cause of your cat’s behaviour is crucial. Because you never know if she is going through a health problem. Kittens are good at hiding their pain to make their masters happy. And only your keenness to take care of your kitty can help to keep her calm and happy. Certified cat behaviour consultants are the best options to go when you notice something wrong. This is important for the ones who are themselves dealing with emotional disorders. And are looking for adopting a cat as an ESA with the help of an emotional support animal letter. So, as a safety, try to ignore sudden changes in their routine. They stay calm when things are regular and consistent for them. 

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