How Can One Enhance Their Creativity

Creativity is very subjective. Everyone can have a very different idea about being creative but whatever be the idea, every creative person struggles with staying creative especially when they hit a dead end. No matter what field you’re working in, you will need to work on yourself to get better ideas once you are out of them. These tips can actually help you get into the space where you either have a brand new source of inspiration or a mental state that can help you change the ordinary to extraordinary. If this intrigues you, continue reading, something might work for you.

Go For a Walk

When you stay inside for longer than required you put your mind in a box. Creativity is all about thinking out of the box and going out for a walk can actually help you get out of the same monotonous routine. Go out for a walk, not to your regular park but on the road where you can find something new, something different. Try to absorb everything that you see and spend time acknowledging and appreciating what you experience. Don’t do it with the motive to get something out of it but actually enjoy and live in the moment. This will really help you in having an open mind.

Don’t Look For Inspiration

Everyone out there will suggest you to look out for inspiration but trust me you shouldn’t. When you are already struggling with a creativity block the last thing you would want to do is find inspiration. It will only lead you to exploring your competitor’s work and will shut your mind so much that you will probably end up copying ideas. Looking for inspiration purposely can close your mind and your own creative world.

Instead of looking for inspiration, consider spending time off track. Nothing related to work, just spend some time with yourself doing what you love and avoid overthinking as much as you can. You will eventually find inspiration when you will be least focused on finding one.


When nothing works, writing does. Write what you are feeling, how you wanted things to be but how exactly they are, your plans and what you are struggling with, what you are loving these days and what you expect to happen next. Just write everything that comes to your mind and close the diary. Once you have written everything down, take some time to relax and relive the moments that you just mentioned, that were good for you. If nothing hits you, just relax and read what you wrote, the following day. Slowly read everything and imagine what you have written. If nothing, this will at least give you a clear mind and motivate you to finally focus on achieving what you want. This is important too.


Reading can help you a lot in getting back your creative mind. You don’t have to pick a genre that is similar to your field. Avoid that and pick a book that you always wanted to read. Read it without trying to find inspiration and just enjoy this little break you are getting from your work. This way you will eventually get out of the block stage and allow yourself to explore a different world.

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