How can we contribute during the COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 is a big challenge for all of us. With most countries in lockdown, people are finding it hard to stay in quarantine. Well, that’s the least we can do to curb this pandemic. The health workers are continuously working to ensure a safe life for us. Is there anything we can do to contribute? Yes! There is a lot we can do.


Respect the social distancing rules 

Let’s accept it! Social distancing is tough. Humans are not programmed to remain in isolation. We are meant to socialize and connect. Well, the current COVID-19 pandemic requires us to take a little step back. It’s evident that the virus spreads through contact. So, social distancing is the need of the hour. You should understand that the authorities are not caging us just for fun. It’s just the most logical thing to do right now. Each one of us wants to go on a hike or just a stroll on the beach but that’s not possible right now. 

Well, the sad part is that in spite of the strict rules, some people are openly flaunting the rules. People should understand that we are not playing an individual game here. Your actions put not only you but the entire society at risk. We need to act more responsibly now. The more you’ll stay in, the faster we can combat this virus. Just think that by practicing social distancing, you are contributing to a healthier future. There is a lot you can do at home. For example, gardening, cooking, and reading are some activities that can help you kill time. 


The essential items are running out of stock at every store. People have been buying in bulk to fuel their daily needs and this has hit us hard. The reason I’m saying this is because there are people who are still not able to access the essentials. This includes sanitizers, toilet papers, and even medicines. So, if you have it in excess, consider donating it. There are various donation centers where you can submit your donations. It’s a good idea to connect with them via email or voice call, and they will collect it from your door. In fact, people are also using online platforms to donate. The gaming community is particularly one of the highest donators. The top gaming channels have been running live streams to generate money for the fight against COVID-19.

I’m an avid gamer myself and I have donated to various YouTubers running live streams. Well, that has been my contribution and you can do the same. I have been testing this game which is currently in beta but it seems pretty good. I am using valorant boosting services and that has helped me secure a high rank in the game. Which game have you been playing? Take Valorant as a suggestion from me and check it out. Gaming is one of the most popular activities in quarantine. With rising donations from gamers, it has surely caught the attention of all. 

Avoid spreading rumors

If you are on social media, then you probably know what I am talking about. Miscreants have been using the platform to spread rumors about the disease. It’s not just that, online scams are also on the rise. In this economic crunch, such acts can be challenging to deal with. Social media is a hot spot of discussion and with most people in lockdown, the users are constantly increasing. The worrying part is that fake information is on the rise. There are various conspiracy theories there are doing rounds on the internet and experts are worried about it. 

Misinformation is a dangerous thing. Stop trusting everything you see on social media. If you need information on COVID-19, use trusted sources like WHO and government websites. If you see a post, verify it first before sharing it with someone. These rumors spread like wildfire and it makes everything tough for the authorities. Analyze the pages you are following and if you notice something fishy, report it. There is a huge financial outpour to fight this disease and your act of foolishness can cost you big time. So, indulge in more responsible behavior and use social platforms to connect with your friends because that’s what it is meant for.

The bottom line

The only way we can get through this pandemic is by thinking of us as a global family. We need to be together and avoid being selfish. It’s high time we realize this. As responsible citizens, we should act sensibly to contribute to this fight against COVID-19. The future seems bleak but we need to keep our heads up and stay strong. With continuous efforts, we shall see positive results pretty soon. Let’s just hope that scientists come up with an effective vaccine and end this forever. Until then, stay safe and practice social distancing. Your contribution matters!

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