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Here’s How CEOs Manage Time

While being a CEO seems like a great and rich life, the struggle of effectively maintaining the position is quite tough. CEOs are known as the epitome of leadership. And that’s why always the best is expected out of them. It’s not like they get 48 hours in a day to undertake their wide array of responsibilities, rather it’s more about time management. 

While CEOs get a great deal of help and all the necessary resources at their disposal, what they juggle with is time. For a CEO, there would never be enough time to get done with all the organizational tasks. Yet, they will always be held responsible for all the work

In this article, we will be learning about how CEOs manage their time to make the most of their days.

They Know Their Priorities

They Know Their Priorities

Most CEOs become CEOs because they know their priorities well. They need no motivational quotes or regular boasting to keep them going. 

Research done on chief executive officers (both men and women) suggested that they knew how to divide their time to finish off important tasks and maintain a work life balance too.

In the study, the CEOs describe time management as their biggest challenge. 

They Prefer Quick In-Person Meetings  

In-person interactions are considered the best way for leaders to exercise their power, influence and learn the work culture best. This helps them understand and delegate the duties accordingly. As per research, CEOs spend 61% of their time in face-to-face interactions with their clients and employees, and another 15% is spent handling emails and other written tasks. 

24 % was reported to be spent on online communications. 


They Work for their Goals 

 Well, this might sound very obvious but it’s true. They do everything with the desire of achieving their long-term goal. That’s what keeps them going in their professional workspace. 

If you study the daily routine of big leaders of the world, you’ll see how particular they are with the important things of their lives. From meditation, reading sessions, mind-mapping, good food to putting their energy only into the right things, they try to manage everything effectively. 

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They Limit their Routine 

Because CEOs have so much on their plate, oftentimes they have to take a hard look at all the activities into their routine and make have-to-dos categories. This means they prioritize those tasks which cannot be done by others and have to perform following their position. 

Well, limiting their routine does not mean not taking out time for themselves. There are many leaders in the world who not only fulfill their daily responsibilities but also make time for their families and personal care. And that is important too. After all, being a CEO isn’t a punishment. It’s a privilege that comes with its own pros and cons. 

The best approach that CEOs follow is that they already plan their day including all the important tasks which eventually cut down the chances of spending their time in unessential activities. 

They Stay Connected to Their Team 

They Stay Connected to Their Team 

One of the best ways CEOs harness their full potential is by staying connected to their team. Research suggests CEOs spend 32% of their time discussing with their group of senior leaders and other employees of the company.  This is also because direct contact with the leader helps other members of the organization to stay motivated and align with their goals. 

Well, wrapping the whole article, it could be said that time management is the key to flourish as a leader. After all, you are expected to perform well every time. Not that you need any validation from the people, but it is what will motivate your peers to work hard. You could also inculcate these time management tips to your routine.