The Most Famous Street Food to Try Out in NYC

Ask a New Yorker what the synonym of New York City is? After a big apple, street food won’t come to you as a shocker. New Yorkers love their food. They are in love with it; it is utterly impossible for us to spot at least five persons walking on the busy streets of NYC carrying food in their hands.

If you manage to find this time, make sure to click a lot of pictures, it is a rare sight and will not happen again in 74 years.

 Yes, I have exaggerated a bit, isn’t being allowed to do so? So, today, in this piece, I am talking about the street food of the big apple, the Milk Trucks, the Halal Guys, and the rest of them all. But from where to start? Okay, let’s go with the hot dogs, we love these here.

Sabrett Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are the essence of New York City; nothing can be accomplished in the city until you have at least one hot dog from Sabreet Hot Dogs. Meanwhile, not even a single list of NYC street food can be completed without the mention of Sabrett. The famous than Donald Trump blue and yellow umbrellas are the icon of this extremely popular eatery. I never got the hold of its nickname, “dirty water dogs,” as they use clean water. These places are scattered throughout the city, they are everywhere, but the one at Central Park is where you are going. Enjoy Alice in the Wonderland statue and grab a dog. Oh, and yes, do not pay more than $3 per dog.

Kwik Meal Cart

Hear me out, hear me out here, restaurant food but outside of the restaurant’s premises and on the road but 2X more delicious? Kwik Meal Cart is just about it; you get excellent food, you get fantastic nonvegetarian food here in lesser rates. You know, sometimes I feel that it is not even fair to other restaurants how amazing the food is here.

KMC’s owner and “head chef” Muhammed Rahman used to be a chef in a reputed Russian restaurant in the city, and it was one romantic day some years back, when he said puck it, I am going to get my gig. Guess what? He makes more than them at the moment. His secret, as he revealed to us, is that he marinated lamb overnight in green papaya and spices, hence the tangy taste.

Wafles & Dinges

I have one question, have you ever had a waffle popsicle sprayed in and pierced on a stick? Well, I am pretty sure the answer is no, so get ready to be amazed, as Wafles & Dinges is what you need at the moment. Their carts are all over the city, and the best thing is that you can find them open late-night hours too. W&D’s savory and sweet waffles are a brilliant treat for a glorious city for a city that never sleeps. Let me throw a sweetener at the top; you will get your first Dinges for free.

The Street Festivals

Street Festivals are something that keeps New York City running. There are so many cultures in the city that four days a week there is a celebration in any corner of it. Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Canadian, you will get all cousins in these street festivals of the city. To name one, the Feast of San Gennaro is one such celebration that goes on multiple days. This fantastic celebration takes place every year in September and Little Italy. All kinds of arepas, creative sandwiches, desserts, and sausages can be found at this festival. A proper food fest, you can it if you may.  


Yeah, so this was all about New York City and NYC’s street food along with the best places where you can get the best of these. Let me give you another secret at the end of this list, the Halal Guys in the Mid-Town are there from last 29 years, one article is not enough to stuff all the right places and describe all their qualities, maybe we need more of these, you know what? We may, who knows?

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