Things to See And do When in England

England is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. It is enchanting, fascinating, and eccentric that offers a variety of things to see and do. It is the land of William Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, The Beatles, and an iconic Royal Family.

With such a dramatic history and rich culture, it seems to not dwell in the past but embrace it and grow in leaps. Dotted with lush countryside, natural marvels, rural vistas, and national parks that are asking to be on a postcard. So, are you ready to explore the width and breadth of this tiny isle? Here I have listed some things to do and see in England. 


How can you keep a mystical stone circle out of any travel list? Situated in Wiltshire countryside, Stonehenge attracts millions of visitors every year. If anyone hasn’t let me tell you, you are one in millions. Anyways, the site is historic and mystic to a different proportion. Made out of rare stone that is found 150 miles away. Built at least 5000 years ago, nobody knows how the structure was constructed, how it got to that place, or even how it stayed intact for so many years. It is a big mystery of what it was used for – a solar calendar or a site for sacrifices. A definite must-visit! 

Seafood Feast in Whitstable

If you love seafood then you must visit the pretty town of Whitstable in Kent. Colorful houses, enriching sea shores, cool shops, coastal art galleries, and amazing pebble beaches, you will not be disappointed. The thing that will overwhelm you the most is the food. It is the perfect place to indulge in fresh fish n chips. The restaurant scene here is amazing. Incredible sunset views of the coastline paired with crazy good seafood will make an amazing dinner for every traveler. 


The city basks beautiful natural landscapes. With cobbled streets and amazing lake views, it is a must-visit for every tourist in England. The city welcomes thousands of tourists every year and has a variety of things to offer. For best experience get a taxi app UK and explore the city as it is meant to be. With rich historical sites on one side and gleaming countryside views on the other, Cumbria is one of my favorite places in England. Food lovers will also not be disappointed. If you do visit the city, try the local sausage. It is one to savor. 

A Walk Along the South Bank in London

The first place that comes to mind when planning to travel to England is of course the capital city, London. And deservedly so! There is so much to explore in the city that it is hard to know where to start. I’d suggest setting your trip off from the gardens beneath the London eye. With beautiful views of the prides of London –  Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, walk east along the South Bank. Believe me it will be one of the best wanders you will have. I have been to London more than a dozen times and it is still one of my favorite things to do. There are plenty of museums and cultural spots within the city.

The Beatles

Are you a big music buff like me? If yes, then you must take the magical tour around the city of Liverpool. Yes, the city might be red with colors, and they are back to their best in the Premier League but it is best known for the place where the famous foursome first met. Head to “The Beatles Story,” which is the world’s largest permanent exhibition that is devoted to musical legends and their history. And don’t miss out on the Cavern Club. It sits near to the place where the Beatles first started to play in the early 60s. Be ready to have a psychedelic experience. 

Harry Potter Studio Tour

I won’t even bother to ask if you are a Harry Potter fan. Potterheads all over the world know that England is the home of the boy with the scar or famously, the Boy Who Lived. There are several filming locations that are dotted across the country but the Leavesden Studios is where the majority of films were shot. Take a Warner Bros Studio tour and wander around the Great Hall and if you do have it in you, get some potions or even your maiden wand from Diagon Alley. Fancy a game of Quidditch? Up you go with the broomstick. 

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