Things You Need For a Healthy & Happy Life

Are you leading a healthy and happy life? Although the terms healthy and happy seem to be quite overrated these days, do you even know what exactly takes for a healthy life? People believe that a healthy lifestyle means having good physical and mental health but it is more than that. There are other things also that contribute towards a happy life Though happiness can mean different things to different persons, there are some things which set the parameter for a more sorted life. Let’s take a look at those parameters one by one – 

Proper Nutrition 

Taking proper nutrition is indeed the most significant thing one can focus on. Good food choices not only improves your physical health but your mental health too which could be a long term investment in your future. Drinking plenty of water is another vital habit as water makes most of our body weight and helps in performing various functions. Some people even go for water softener to have more purified water. A water softener  removes the calcium and magnesium content from the water. 

Studies have shown that a diet consisting of protein, low-fat carbs, fruits & veggies makes a person more active and healthy than people who eat junk food. 

Maintained Sleeping Routine 

Sleep is the time when your body repairs and your immune system takes its time to recharge for you to fight bacteria and other diseases more efficiently. Researchers suggest that 7- 8 hours of sound sleep is enough for an individual to perform his/her best. A maintained sleeping routine can decrease your chances of heart disease by almost 30 percent and leads to a healthy life. 

Be Active 

Try to stay physically active every day, be it dancing, exercising, playing a sport or any other physical task. Any sort of physical exercise makes us healthier and happier as it enhances our mood, self -esteem and sense of well-being. Even yoga is one of the best ways to keep your mind calm and hence leading to a more sorted life. 

Quality Time With Your Loved Ones 

The joy and peace you feel after spending time with your loved ones can never be replaced by other possessions. Studies show that people who spend more time with their friends or family are happier than people who do not like to engage much. Your brain releases mood-lifting chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin when you have a quality time with your favourite person. Hanging out with family or friends can be super relaxing. 

Don’t Hesitate To Laugh Out Loud 

 They say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ and I completely agree with that. People who like to laugh more tend to be more relaxed and happy than people who are shy from loud laughs. Laughter even decreases the stress hormones and promotes immune cells and infection fighting antibodies. Next time you like a joke, do not hesitate to go like ‘Hahahahah’. 

A Purpose 

People do not talk much about this point, which is having a purpose in your life. Knowing the what and why of your work is the most beautiful realization ever. A defined goal gives you a reason to be more productive and healthier in life. While a directionless ambition can take you towards sadness and a feeling of dissatisfaction. 

Spend Some Time With Yourself

Last but not the least, always take some time to spend with your own self. Be alone for 15-30 minutes every day and analyse your body, thoughts, decisions and mind patterns. Within a few minutes, your inner self will give you all the answers. You will start questioning yourself and your decisions. This practise of self-analysis gives you power to alter your life the way you want and hence throws you towards a peaceful life. 

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