Why Cats Make Amazing Pets

Pets are amazing, right? They give you so much unconditional love and attention that you forget all your worries. And they make such great companions that you can never feel lonely. What more can you expect from someone?

But hey, what do you think, which animal makes the best pet?

Well, if I talk about myself, I love all kinds of pets. But my personal favorite is definitely cats. I mean, you can’t deny the fact that cats are simply awesome! Most people do have an affinity towards an emotional support dog, but cats are really awesome as well. 

Don’t agree with me? Then look at all the amazing videos of cats online. I bet, you, too, will fall in love with these amazing creatures. Cats are actually the star of all pets. And only they are funny enough to earn the “celebrity” status on the internet. 

Still not convinced?

Here is a list of reasons that prove that cats are undeniably the best creatures to have as a pet.

Cats are Independent

Now, don’t get me wrong here. Cats definitely love their owners. However, unlike dogs, they do not depend on us too much. So, if you are a very frequent traveler, always out somewhere, visiting museums, trying out some street foods, playing adventure sports, a cat is probably the perfect pet for you. All you need to do is arrange enough water and food for them so that they can make it through, and you are good to go. 

Unlike with dogs, with cats, you don’t need to worry about them getting anxious or tearing up the home. Cats can actually be quite self-sufficient in all other aspects.

Cats Help You Cope a Loss

Losing someone you love, no doubt, can be extremely painful. And pets can help you cope with it. Cats specifically have been proven great in helping people get over losing a loved one more quickly. 

Despite being only an animal, cats can provide you with all the social support you need during a difficult time. And this can help you manage the physical symptoms of pain, such as crying, in a much better way. Cat owners who have suffered a problematic time have also reported that talking to their pet was often easier during this time, as they knew their pet won’t judge them.

They Help You Find a Partner

Are you a single guy looking for a date? A cat may help you find her! As per a British poll, more than 82 percent of women get attracted to a guy a lot easier if he likes animals. And though a dog may be amazing for your love life, many females say that guys with cats are a lot nicer than the others.

So if you are looking for the love of your life, try adding “own a cat” on your dating profile. You yourself will see the number of responses increasing. But hey, keep in mind that if you get a cat, it’s for life. Don’t use it just as a tool to get a date.

Cats are Great Companions

There is a very long-running stereotype that dogs make better companions than cats. However, this is actually far from the truth. In fact, cats can be as amazing partners as dogs. And this is especially true for women. Experts even say that a cat can provide you with emotional support equivalent to that of a romantic partner. They initiate contact themselves and also remember the kindness you showed to them in order to reciprocate it later.

A cat as a companion may also help you manage your psychological condition, such as depression or stress. Plus, for people who like a calm and quiet environment, they are the perfect pets. Cats Protect Kids From Allergies

You probably are not a kid anymore. But if you currently have a kid at home, or are expecting one soon, getting a cat home makes perfect sense. Many experts believe that kids who are exposed to cats at a very early age, say less than one-year-old, are a lot less prone to developing any kind of allergies

Cats may Help You Become Smart

In a survey by the University of Bristol in the year 2010, it was found that people who had a cat had a much higher chance of getting a college degree as compared to dog owners. A 2014 research conducted on over 600 college-going students also found that the students who owned a cat were more intelligent than others.

However, you should note that this may be because of the nature of the animal. As you know that cats, as compared to other animals, require a lot less attention. This means cat owners can focus on their work more.

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